Types of Fat Transfer

Although fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) surgeries have been around for decades, lately, new science technologies have made them more effective.

Doctors will remove fat from unwanted areas on the patient, such as the thighs, stomach or arms, and inject them into more desired areas. Unlike other types of fillers, fat transfer allows for a completely natural treatment. Furthermore, fat transfers may be permanent when done correctly, whereas other dermal fillers may only last about a year.

The fat can be relocated into the buttocks, breasts, or face and hands for an anti-aging effect.

Fat injected into the face can often correct deep wrinkles and give the face a more youthful, fuller look. Many patients choose to group a face or brow lift with a fat transfer procedure in order to give the face a more overall youthful appearance.

Buttocks augmentation, also known as a “Brazilian butt lift” can be achieved to reshape the rear and give it a firmer, fuller shape. Fat is often taken from areas around the rear, such as the hips or the tops of the thighs to further accentuate the rear.

Fat transfer can even be used as a more natural alternative to the traditional “boob job”. For this procedure, like the others, liposuction is used to gather large amounts of fat needed to enlarge the breasts. It is then injected back into the chest. The results are often “softer” and more natural-looking than other types of breast augmentation.

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