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Dangerous Product Defects in Construction

The construction industry is inherently high risk, which is why it pays so well and why there are such rigorous safety regulations specific to the construction site. Even under the best of possible circumstances, construction accidents can happen which can lead to injury or death such as falling debris, slips and falls, burns, or the old hammer on the thumb. But when construction equipment is defective either in design or manufacture, it is a dangerous product indeed.

Construction equipment can be anything from a welding torch to a crane, and when a worker is adequately trained for its use, observes safety regulations, and ensures the equipment is properly maintained, the risk of injury is small. But if a particular product is defective, it doesn’t matter how compliant a worker and construction employer are; injury or death can happen at any time.

Consider a defect in something like a crane. It is massively heavy, and it is designed to transport even heavier loads. If even one substandard cable snaps while it is in operation, the damage it can do can be devastating.

Let us consider something smaller, such as a welding torch. Welding is a difficult skill to master, mostly because there is a lot of pressure and heat that passes through a welding torch. If a welding torch is defective, the chances of getting badly burned are very high.

Construction site owners and managers have a duty of care to their workers, and when an accident occurs, the default reaction is that the owners or managers had been negligent. But when an accident occurs because of a defect in an inherently dangerous product such as construction equipment, it is a matter for a product liability attorney to look into. Construction equipment manufacturers are well aware of the potential for injury when the product is used, and are bound by the same duty of care.

Preventing Construction Site Injuries

Of all the places to work, a construction site may be the most dangerous. With so many things going on – electricity, heavy equipment, people, and raw materials – accidents are bound to happen. Having proper safety rules and procedures is the best way to prevent any injuries that may occur.

There are safety precautions and rules that the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) puts into action every time a new building is being constructed. Because the safety of the workers is the most important, once these safety rules and precautions are neglected, the chances of workers getting injured can be significantly higher. There are ways in which the company can help protect and prevent their workers from getting injured while on the site. Here are some basic tips:

  1. Be familiar with the site; check the places where there are higher chances of an accident. Make sure the working areas are clean and make sure dangerous areas and equipments are properly labeled. Check that the equipments and materials are working properly and are regularly maintained.
  2. Ensure that everyone working in the site are well-informed about the safety rules and precautions. Make sure that they are educated about safety and first-aid procedures to help in emergency cases. Make sure everyone is familiar on what to do when electrical, mechanical, power failures or other injuries occur to avoid further dangers and complications.
  3. Scaffolds, harnesses and other safety features should be observed in order to avoid any fall and slip accidents. OSHA safety standards should be met in order to guarantee top safety standards are carried out and exercised.
  4. Ensure that the public are also aware and informed about the safety precautions in the site. Put barricades and signs where they are needed and lock any entry points to make sure that only employees are the only ones who can enter the construction site.

Risks in construction sites are inevitable, but the good thing is with proper prevention and safety practices they can be avoided. When your body is your work and investment, then having an injury can greatly impact your life. When an accident occurs and the company refuses to provide you with help, know that every worker has the right to go to court for compensation. Ask the help of construction accident attorneys to aid you in acquiring the necessary compensation for your troubles, especially if the injuries resulted from the neglect of the OSHA safety requirements.